The Journey …… The Preparation.

Man – did I open a can of worms……

The Music Industry is so loaded with rules and laws and terminology and pitfalls. I am still reading all that I can to try to absorb this into my brain.

How does one prepare to release that first single that you are so proud of? A mentor would be great. But on a zero dollar budget, I guess trial by fire is what I will have to do. Even with all the reading I had done and continue to do, there are so many questions that you don’t know to ask till a situation comes up. So I dig in and try my best and let the chips fall into my snack bowl. (GRIN)

I need a Logo, some cover art, a fan page on Facebook, an Instagram presence, a website (always under construction), and then, (take a deep breath) I need to learn about Video editing software, learn about making IG posts, building a fan base, a product store, and on and on and….

All of this above AND continue to take care of regular everyday life stuff!
Last summer, I was hopeful that I would be able to work on and maybe finish a couple more songs before year-end. HA! I don’t think that is going to happen in 2021. Thanks, Mr. Murphy.

This is why I haven’t been able to update this blog about The Journey till today.  BUT– I DIGRESS (sparkle).

In August, I contacted a friend of mine to help me with the Video situation. I require several short clips for IG and a Music Video to go with the song Aftermath. I plan a release date of September something…..

As Murphy takes over I am prevented from getting together with Mike on the video help. In fact Murphy totally prevents me from progressing on this project any further till the middle of October. I decide to just set a date and release the song and hope I can wing it on the numerous  support items for the release. (I learned that it is best to have your ducks in a row LONG before you set your release date, and to give your Distributor at least 5 or 6 weeks to make the release happen on time.)

In Mid-October, I pulled a date out of my hat and chose Nov. 5 for the release date. I got no videos, very few ideas for any, and no idea what software I can use nor how to use it. In fact when I sent up the music file to the Distro I didn’t know to also send up at lease4 the cover art……… so many of the streamer have NO PICTURE at all to go with the song. BAD IDEA! It was only after the release that I managed to put a music video together just in time to add it to my YouTube channel.

Post release, I am still trying to find all the streamers and get the links for the song, (some of them still don’t have it up.)

ARRRGH says Charlie Brown. Live and learn.

The next installment may be  The Journey – Lessons learned

‘Nuff Said. Stay TOONED.