Official Site

This is the Official Website for the band Praisengruven.

We are brand new on the scene, and we welcome you to our website and all of our Social platforms that we are on.

We hope you will follow us as we venture into the world of Indie Music Production. Feel free to poke around the site to see what we have to offer. This is our first foray into this world and I know there will be errors and such so please be kind.

We will be writing short blogs about this experiment and the whole process that we encounter in this effort to release our music into the world. IF you like what we have recorded We hope you will share this with your friends, and on our Facebook, Instagram postings, and YouTube channel that you will click the thumbs up, like, and subscribe buttons and leave comments and all that usual Social page stuff. (wink wink)

PS. Somewhere on this site is one of those generic Privacy and Cookies statement that is apparently now a requirement of any website. I didn’t write it, some legal department did. I may at some point give it a good going over and edit parts that do not apply to this band or this site (that is going to probably take a lawyer for that)

At this time I do not have any near term plans for a newsletter, but the future is fickle. Any email address collected by us will be held in my secret file and only for use in the event that I begin one. No information that you share with us will be sold to any entity.