How a Musician is Grown…

This is my journey into recording and songwriting. This is a lifelong dream of mine (and I have been waiting a long time, cuz I am an OLD GUY).
The seed was planted when I was about 10yrs Maybe…./ Always music in the house. My Dad had played Clarinet in his high school band, and my Mom often played our piano off and on over the years. For most of my life, my Dad just played phonograph records.

Enter my Older Sister. She began to take Piano Lessons at Hauers Music store. I was often allowed (forced?) to tag along and hang around the store in the organ department. I know that the first time I heard a Hammond Organ, I was infected with the bug in a big way. I pestered and badgered my parents for them to buy an organ because I wanted to learn how to make those glorious sounds…..

They finally gave in, but to my disappointment, rather than buy one of the Hammond’s they had in the store, they bought this HUGE Lowery Festival Organ. YUK. It was about the size of a B# but it sure didn’t sound as good as a Hammond. Back in those days, the sound of a Lowery organ was NOT a glorious sound. (In recent years they have really progressed.)

I began to take piano and organ lessons. I progressed fairly well. And God saw this, and he decided that this was good. This proceeded to upset my sister, so she talked M n D into buying her a guitar (an old Harmony– not bad for the time). So quit taking piano lessens, and she switched to Guitar lessons and.

So after a while when M sister want home, I would get out her guitar and go through the lesson books and – well- I started learning to play guitar.  God saw this and decided that this was good. My Sister, on the other had, DIDN’T! She was really mad about it, actually. Subsequently. I wasn’t allowed to user her guitar anymore.